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The Joy of Gratitude 

Your Personal Practice 

Gratitude is not about seeing Unicorns and Rainbows - it goes deeper than that.

It is about seeing gratitude in all situations, good, bad, happy and sad.

In this course you will receive:

➡️5 short videos with content to ponder and reflect on.

➡️A beautifully designed PDF journal to enhance your reflections.

➡️4 guided meditations

➡️10 devotionals to aid in your gratitude practice

➡️A supportive Facebook Community

➡️All designed to help you grow in gratefulness


This self guided course, including all these tools, is yours for:


No subscription is required.  Work at your own pace!

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Read below what people are saying!
I loved your gratitude course.  I loved the short concise video and action steps really helped me take action in writing down my gratitude's and I can see how my attitude is already changing.  So Thank You! - Virginia (Wisconsin) 
Short and sweet. Nance always delivers bite size info nuggets making it easier for me to process and remember. The action steps, although simple, are eye opening. There’s a lesson there too. - Mary (Florida)
The Joy of Gratitude guided me to a more positive mindset. Our noisy world can sometimes fuel discontent, but this well-done, easy-to-follow course is like an oasis - one that reignited my soul, and made me feel newly aware of all the good around me. Eye-opening and refreshing - highly recommended! - Heidi (New Jersey)
I love anything that helps me get refocused and motivated. Nance always does a great job at doing that for me! -Cayle (Illinois)